Discover Ka-Viti Water

Drinking Ka-Viti’s natural artesian water from Fiji is a luxury. Our water comes from an underground artesian aquifer sealed deep underground on the island of Viti Levu in Fiji. Fiji is located in the middle of the South Pacific, far away from everything.

You will immediately taste the difference and appreciate the purity of our water. Experts identify our water as tasting soft, smooth, crisp, fresh and pure. We don’t change it, enhance it, add or subtract anything from it—it’s totally natural.

We are a small, locally owned company in Fiji started by two entrepreneurial friends. We employ local villagers and invest a portion of the proceeds from each bottle back into our community. Our entire operation is powered by renewable energy. We promote recycling through education and incentives.

Each bottle is handled with care and sent to you with the friendliness that Fijians are known for. On your next trip to Fiji, come visit us and we’ll show you more.

We believe that we are REDEFINING LUXURY.

What does Ka-Viti mean?